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This is the official site of the Mordeth TC project for id Software's Doom II, by Gaston Lahaut. After the release of the first episode in february 1997 I've been working on and off on the other episodes. Expect breathtaking realistic levels, great gameplay, lots of new graphics and frightening monsters. Powered by the Eternity engine, it's all aimed to give you a great new single-player experience!

February 25th, 2007

Ten years ago, on February 22nd 1997, the first episode of Mordeth was released. A small historic fact that apparantly has not gone unnoticed... thanks guys! :) Lots has happened since that day, and I don't mean just this project. And here we are today, Doom and its community still around. That's pretty amazing, huh?

A few issues are the root cause of this project still not being finished. And I'm not even talking about the multiple attempts to get a team going, or the multiple setbacks and delays experienced. Key was the emergence of source ports and the proliferation of features that followed. Time and time again new features got added, and work adapted to that. Then I made it worse, overextended myself by working on two episodes at once. Combined, the focus of the project always shifted around. And lastly: because the project dragged on most of the finished work became outdated and had to be redone. This last bit is still going on today.

And of course: I'm working as slow as a glacier! :)

And still not finished. Work has been pretty much on a backburner since last December, after a month-long vacation in China, extremely long working days ("make the hurting stop...") and (yes I'll admit it) the release of WoW: The Burning Crusade. Now that the excitement has begun to wane away I've turned my eye once again to my level editor. So far the new outdoor theming has been giving me lots of trouble... I certainly underestimated this particular overhaul!

No new screenies yet. Main work has been going on for outdoor areas, and since I use portals for that it's not "showable" until the portal parts are done and "glued together". Otherwise it just shows up as (literally) half a level. And that won't do :)

I'd like to thank everyone who is still waiting (and waiting and waiting) for the new episodes. It better be good! :)

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