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Latest Mordeth version: FEB'97, 1st episode. This is the first release on the Net after a second major revision and intended to be installed and run using the original Doom II v1.9 engine. Be sure to read how to install the game below. Macintosh users and those who would like to play Mordeth on one of today's source ports should download the file mfb97dsf.zip instead (see below).


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1678 K

Mordeth first episode, version FEB'97

Telefragged FTP & Mirrors


1678 K

Mordeth first episode, version FEB'97

3DArchives.in-span.net, USA


1585 K

Mordeth first episode, version FEB'97 DeuSF-Compatible. Mac and/or source port users need to download this instead of mordeth.zip!

Telefragged FTP & Mirrors


Other Mirror Download Sites

If you find that your connection to any of above sites is rather slow, you can always try a mirror site of 3DArchives near you. You can view the list of these mirrors here. The Mordeth archive (filename: mordeth.zip) is archived under the "levels/doom2/m-o" subdirectory.

Installation of Mordeth

After downloading Mordeth from this server or from any of the other download sites, unzip the archive in a subdirectory of your Doom directory called 'mordeth' (eg. "C:\DOOM2\MORDETH"). Leave all files in there, except for the file called 'mordeth.bat' which you will have to place in your Doom2 directory (eg. "C:\DOOM2"). Start Mordeth by typing 'mordeth' at the DOS Doom2 prompt. First time you start Mordeth (and only the first time), you will be prompted to install Mordeth first. This means that a batch file will extract all sprites and flats to one of the Mordeth WAD files, and that an alternative .EXE file will be built. Your original Doom2 files will not be touched by this installation. After that, it's fraggin' time !

Note that most doomers out there have Doom2 version 1.9. If you have older versions of Doom2, like v1.666 and v1.7a, you are strongly advised to upgrade, using the patch files above. Using Doom2 v1.666 you cannot replay the Mordeth demo's, but you can install the game. Using Doom2 v1.7a you cannot install Mordeth properly, due to incompatability with NWT! To patch up your game to v1.9, please refer to Doomworld's 'patches' section.

One installation "bug": if NWT gives an error message, the Mordeth front-end does not wait for the user's input, but instead goes on, giving the player the wrong idea that everything is installed correctly. So, if your Mordeth game bombs back to DOS with the message W_CACHELUMPNUM: (number) =NUMLUMPS this is due to NWT battling with your computer configuration :). Solution: install Mordeth manually as described in the included readme.txt, using fresly unzipped files. If one installation prog is choking on your computer configuration, it will tell you this. "Error 3" while using NWT means: "not enough conventional memory; this should be at least 480 K". Solution is obviously to free more conventional memory by eg. booting clean from a floppy into true DOS.

Also, I've been notified that the "choice" command is lacking from DOS version 5 or below. This means that you cannot use the batch file mordeth.bat to install and run the game. If you have these older DOS versions, you will have to install and run Mordeth manually, as described in the "readme.txt" of the Mordeth archive.

Mordeth and Final Doom

I recently acquired Final Doom, and it appears real easy to make Mordeth compatible with this new version. Here is a description on how to install Mordeth manually for use with Final Doom.

  • In true DOS and with at least 480 K conventional memory free, make a subdirectory in your TNT directory called "mordeth". Unzip the mordeth.zip archive, leave all files in this subdirectory.
  • Grab the latest dehacked version at 3Darchives and unzip this in the 'mordeth' directory, overwriting existing files.
  • Now you're ready to install Mordeth... copy 'dehacked.exe' and 'mordeth.deh' from the 'mordeth' directory to the TNT directory. Remove earlier versions of dehacked from the TNT directory first and make sure to remove/rename a file named 'doomhack.exe'. Now, enter the following command from the TNT dos prompt: "dehacked -load mordeth.deh". Press "y" when promped to make a copy of your original exe called "doomhack.exe". Ignore warnings about not being able to find certain files. After dehacked is done, rename 'doomhack.exe' to 'mord.exe'. You may now remove 'dehacked.exe' and 'mordeth.deh' from the TNT directory.
  • Rename 'tnt.wad' to 'doom2.wad' in your TNT directory.
  • Copy 'morgrap0.wad' and 'nwt.exe' from the 'mordeth' to the TNT directory. Rename 'morgrap0.wad' to 'morgraph.wad' and enter the following command at the TNT dos prompt: "nwt -as morgraph.wad", followed by "nwt -af morgraph.wad". If you encounter an "error 3" message, that means you don't have enough conventional memory to run NWT; you need at least 480 K. See your OS manual for info on that.
  • Rename 'doom2.wad' back to 'tnt.wad'. Move 'morgraph.wad' to the 'mordeth' directory. You may remove 'nwt.exe' from the TNT directory if you feel like it.
  • Play Mordeth by entering the following command from the TNT dos prompt: "mord -file mordeth\mordeth.wad mordeth\morgraph.wad". Enjoy!

Mordeth and Macintosh

PC wads do not work on a Mac, per se. For now, Mac users should download the file mfb97dsf.zip from this server. This file contains a readme.txt that explains how to install and play this version of Mordeth. One thing it does NOT explain is how to convert this PC wad into a Mac wad, and what Mac tools you need for it. For this, go to the web sites of the Doominator, which is the Mac equivalent of DeHackEd, and the site of the WADenizer, which does the actual porting from PC to Mac. Since I myself do not own a Mac, I have no means to investigate exactly how this is done. This means I cannot help you with questions about this, although I know Mac players who have ported and played Mordeth succesfully.

Mordeth and Source Ports

The first episode of Mordeth pre-dates the release of Doom's source code and thus any of the source ports. As a result it is not compatible due to the "missing" resource markers in the WAD. However, you can use the file mfb97dsf.zip instead. Run it like you would any add-on without the need to install it first, but you will need to add the Dehacked patch as well. See the documentation of that particular source port to learn how to do that. Source ports without Dehacked support cannot be used.

Copyright 1997-2006 (c) Gaston Lahaut, All Rights Reserved.