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Credits & Legal Info

The Mordeth project has received contributions from the following people:

Gary Gosson : Designed 1 level for the 2nd episode.
Chris Martin : Contributed to the levels of the 3rd episode.
Rob Berkowitz : Level designer for the 3rd episode.
Ola Bjorling : Graphics designer.
Jonas Feragen : Graphics designer.
Joe Zona : Graphics designer.

And we can't forget the efforts of TeamTNT who are responsible for the Boom engine, Lee Killough who created MBF, and James "Quasar" Haley for his work on the Eternity Engine. Before finally switching to Eternity, we used a custom MBF mod, for which Joel Murdoch receives the credit. Kudos also to Gothic Deathmatch leader Anthony Czerwonka, who kindly allowed us to use his GDM graphics resources.

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