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About Mordeth

Mordeth is a Total Conversion project for id Software's game "Doom II", by Gaston Lahaut. This add-on will eventually replace all levels and add many new graphics, objects and even monsters which will essentially give you a whole new single-player game to play. Not only that, but Mordeth will also be powered by the Eternity Engine... Expect greater detail, more spectacular effects and realistic settings! Here the player does not have to clear out room after room chokefull of baddies with little alternatives on how to progress further in the game... We're here to give you an actual world to explore. While the main objective remains the same as it was in the original Doom game - survive and make it to the next level - you will be able to do so in a realistic, detailed and above all immersive setting without the awfull linearity seen in today's FPS games. There will also be a heightened sense of interactivity... for instance, there will be splashing sounds when you enter water, and you can destroy walls, rooms and in one instance even an entire level!

The project started way back in 1997, with the release of the first 6-level episode using the original Doom II engine. Featuring a medieval/Doom setting, it would let you explore forts, dark cities and fog-filled swamps. It set the stage for things to come. How come it isn't finished by now, I hear you say? Well, this project had more than its fair share of setbacks... first, switching to a team effort but suffering from several complete teams disbanding, a couple of port changes and at one point in time the loss of all recent resources due to a burglary. Plus, the bar on graphics, sprites and level design has also been considerably raised since the Old Days, making some redesigns over the year necessary. Not to mention Real Life intervening at the worst possible moments.

Now we're back to a single-man project. Mordeth remains episode-based, with each episode representing a different era. Episode 2 is slated for release first. Our Hero finds himself in some future era, on an unnamed colony planet that is being overrun by demonic hordes, trapping him on its hostile surface. From there you'll have to navigate through the overrun main base, its factories and mines to escape the horror. The third episode is set around the 1860's, where the demon invasion transformed the landscape into a supernatural, haunted realm. Damp forests, foggy mangroves and old-style towns are the places where you will encounter zombies, ghouls and other creatures of the dark.

Copyright 1997-2006 (c) Gaston Lahaut, All Rights Reserved.